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Monada empowers you to seize every cargo opportunity with a 360° view of every prospect, centralized pricing, automated follow-ups and a superior customer-centric service.

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A Quick Look at Your CRM

Here's your CRM's with all your contacts, sorted by their price-related queries, one-off quotes, and active contracts, so you have what you need to do effective sales and customer service.
Imagine you’d like to send a your lead a one-off quote for their pending cargo — let’s see how your CRM can make that quick and easy.

Pricing offers by cargo properties

Cargo properties hold important bits of information.

They let you easily match your client's inquiries with the perfect price and service deal, both for the client and for your business.
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Customizing offers while keeping margin sets

Top-notch service means making wise choices - from setting competitive prices to marking up for loyal customers.

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Baby Teva has accepted your offer

With Monada integrated into your proposals, you can communicate with the customer through the offer and manage all communication with Baby Teva in their contact record.

Baby Teva accepted your offer ocean freight!
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Closing the deal

Because this deal has been associated with Baby Teva, you can manage it directly in their contact record.

After viewing your offer, Jeremy from Baby Teva accepted it from within the quote. You can update this deal to the ‘Closed won’ stage.
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Engaging contacts and suppliers with marketing emails

Sales don't stop at the point of offer.
The email builder makes it easy to create email campaigns -
whether it's nudging a lead to confirm an offer, reaching out to agents for improved rates, or informing about rate drops or special deals.

Want to alert potential shippers about a new service? Simply insert a button that directs them to ask for rates and book your service.
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Tracking your performance

As your business grows better with Monada over time, your reports dashboard will show you how your efforts are performing — perfect for deciding where you need to focus.

Turning customers into promoters

Another ship has safely docked.

Use marketing emails with smart widgets to convince clients to recommended you to their friends in the industry, giving you a brand new set of promising leads, and them a great incentive to rebook.
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And just like that, your Monada CRM has helped you manage a complete customer lifecycle — all in one place!

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